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Creating a Childcare environment for success

This is a resource provided by the BC Family Child Care Association (BCFCCA) for childcare practitioners to create an effective environment to support children’s interaction with space, material and people. In this document, it provides information for both childcare center and family childcare providers some guideline on how to design a perfect space for our children’s development. In the beginning of the document it gives some of the quality that a standard child care environment should have, which includes an age-appropriate and child centered curriculum; inviting equipment and play materials and sufficient space for active play and quiet play, etc (BCFAA , Pg1).

The first section of the document provides some ideas that can help educators with organizing curriculum and physical space. As an early childhood educator I always find myself struggle on how to arrange the physical environment in the center and make changes to the environment every week to stimulate children’s senses and interest to the environment. Some of the ideas in this section help me to clear out my thoughts, such as “Arrange the physical space to give children clear messages about what is expected.(BCFAA, Pg 2)” And a poorly arrange environment can trigger aggressive behavior so we need to eliminate these behavior by arrange a desirable environment.
On the other hand, the document also provides useful strategies for family childcare operators to manage their home care environment. It also emphasis on the importance to create a child Sanctuary, and how to manage the child sanctuary.


BC Family Child Care Association (BCFCCA) (2005). Creating a Childcare Environment for Success. Retrieved from http://www.bcfcca.ca/pdfs/participant_resources_11/Creating_a_Childcare_Environment_for_Success.pdf