Resource Files for Administration in Early Childhood Settings

Health and Safety

In the links below, you will find valuable resources to help you build a healthy and safe environment for the children in your early childhood centres. There are different types of resources available for you to choose from that will best suit your preferences, from online journals to applications for your mobile phone.

1. Administering Medication
2. Centre and Playground Safety
3. Child Care Licensing Regulation
4. Environmental Health in Early Childhood Settings
5. Food Safety
6. Identifying Illnesses in Early Childhood Settings
7. Preventing Illnesses in Early Childhood Settings

Financial Matters

Below, you can find useful resources to help guide you when considering financial matters in administering early childhood programs. You can find information on the costs of early childhood services, key factors affecting program costs, and where and how you and families can receive grants and subsidies to help you run the early childhood services.

1. Budgets
2. Grants and Subsidies

* Information and resources are provided by Carmen Tse, Robyn Clark, and Suzanne Lam