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Opening and Operating a Successful Child Care Centre

This book has a chapter called Handling Financial Matters which explains and provides information related to operating a child care centre. It gives information about balancing the income and expenses of a centre such as estimating the costs, analyzing the budget categories, and budgeting for future years. It also has a section on other financial responsibilities related to operating a centre, such as designing a budget system, ordering goods and services, auditing, handling cash, and salaries. It also includes some working papers at the end of the chapter which asks you questions that you can answer related to what the chapter was about, and what a person who wants to start up a centre would need to think about and answer.

One thing really caught my attention in this chapter in the section about salaries.

“Professional staff may be paid monthly, biweekly, or weekly, but their salaries are a fixed expense regardless of the number of hours worked, as long as that individual remains on the payroll. Other staff receive wages based on number of hours worked during the pay period.” (Sciarra, & Dorsey, 2002)

This is very interesting to me because I have not yet heard of 1 daycare which has educators on fixed salaries. I have only heard of centres that pay the educators by the amount of hours they work. I wonder if a centre was to supply educators with a fixed salary, would that centre have a lower amount of staff turnover? It is also interesting that it says professional staff are the ones who would have fixed salaries because with having our Early Childhood Care and Education certificate we are professional staff and we are still being paid by the hour. Not to mention the fact the most educators are receiving low wages which makes me feel as if other people do not think of educators as professionals.


Sciarra, D. J., & Dorsey, A. G., (2002). Opening and operating a successful child care centre: Handling financial matters. Albany, NY: Delmar.